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Green Power Switch

TVA and Southwest Tennessee Electric, working with input from the environmental community, have created a program called Green Power Switch® to produce electricity from renewable sources and add it to the Tennessee Valley’s power mix.

What is Green Power?

Like any revolutionary idea, the idea behind Green Power Switch is simple: harness the natural power of the wind, the sun, and the earth to create an energy source that’s usable in our everyday lives. TVA and Southwest Tennessee Electric, working in cooperation with the environmental community, developed Green Power Switch as a way to bring green power — electricity that’s generated by renewable resources such as solar, wind, and methane gas — to our members.

How Much Does Green Power Cost?

Green Power Switch is sold to residential members in 150-kilowatt-hour blocks (about 12 percent of a typical household’s monthly energy use). Each block adds an extra $4 to the member’s monthly power bills. Members may buy as many blocks as they like. In other parts of the country, residential consumers who participate in green power programs pay an extra $2 to $10 per month for green power. Green Power Switch is also marketed to commercial and industrial members, who are asked to buy blocks based on the amount of energy they use.

How Does Green Power Benefit the Environment?

The environmental effects of traditional energy sources like coal, natural gas, oil, and nuclear power can be significant. Although no source of energy is impact-free, renewable resources create less waste and pollution. In fact, an investment of an additional $8 per month on your power bill buys enough Green Power Switch to equal the environmental benefits of planting an acre of trees in the Tennessee Valley.

For more information about Green Power Switch, contact Tina Morris at 1-800-772-0472, or visit the Green Power Switch website.

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