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Welcome to STEMC!


SCAM ALERT!! STEMC is receiving multiple reports of members who are being contacted by people claiming to be Southwest and demanding payment or they will cut off their service. They leave a number for the people to call back & pay with a prepaid Visa card. The scammers have recorded our phone message so members think it is truly Southwest they are calling.


STEMC WILL NEVER call and demand payment with prepaid debit cards or money orders. Our employees never take cash payments in the field. Payments to STEMC are always taken in person at the local office, at the kiosk at the local office, through our website or by a member-initiated call to 1-855-782-7864. Please report any suspicious activity to your local office, local authorities and the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-438-4338 and you may file an official complaint at



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